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Updated: Jul 8, 2021

ProvBeats has come a long way from being just another online beat store. We started with a dusty acoustic drum kit, a vintage organ, a vision and the drive to make it happen with what we had...

Duane Rawls responded to the call to action. As a bassist of 30 years, Duane came equipped with the experience, enthusiasm and guidance, as well as any other elements needed to get this party started right.

At this point, most neighbors would have just called the police, not Isaiah Akindolie. As a piano prodigy since his childhood, he knew his brilliant melodies were the key to unlocking the next level.

With it being enough of a challenge to find an extraordinary saxophonist, image one that comes with his own drummer. The latest additions to the team Bernaldo Cruz and Rashard Ross Brown have been jamming together since Hope High School.

During a time when much of music is missing something, a strong team emerges from Providence with a refreshing sound...

We still have the same acoustic drum kit but we knocked the dust off of it!

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